The Blessing

It was a summer filled with lots of transitions, new work schedules, kids going to camp plus sports schedules and a blood clot that knocked us sideways and prevented us from traveling too far.  We are a group that likes to know what’s coming at us and so far we are not batting a thousand.  We were hoping to plan a list minute family vacation that was closer to home, thinking of the Poconos or the Shore.  With little capacity to plan, we asked our friends if they new of anything.

Enter the blessing…

A week in Ocean City, NJ was offered to us by a dear bible study friend and her family.  What?  I know!  There was a lot of communication amongst the bible study girls, I’m not sure exactly who did what but I do know they ensured that we did not need to bring much more than what we were wearing. This is a group who new our limits and thought of anything we might need probably before we even realized them.  This was a most special time for our family.  When we pulled up, there were 5 gasps, we walked inside and there were a lot of tears from all of us – we could not believe this blessing that was offered to us – the ultimate gift of family time away.

Our tough summer reality was far from thought this week.  It was filled with beach time, the boardwalk, bike riding, friends and food!  Every morning, I would enjoy my coffee on the deck and watch the sun rise.  The sunlight, oh the light could be blinding it was so bright like a message not to be missed – you are not alone, I am here for you from God’s lips.  We clearly travel on our stomachs too, we tried every pizza and breakfast donut or crumb cake we could, like it was our job!  Friends were able to join us over our week which allowed us to do so much and it was great having extra hands to help with the physical challenges ALS brings, getting out of a beach chair can be hard…every time and energy levels deplete quickly every day.  Meeting friends at the beach and watching the kids play brought so much joy to us.  Dinner with friends left lasting impressions, unforeseen bonds were made plus paddle boarding lessons were enjoyed!  Its really hard to put into words exactly how blessed we felt but it was special, all five of us felt it.



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