We had a great night before Thanksgiving party to honor Brad’s 45th birthday! He loved having so many friends and family mixing together. Our house was packed with new friends meeting old, family from out of town and around the corner and lots of laughter. A fun night of celebration and Brad felt the love!

Thanksgiving, we enjoyed eating the big dinner out! While our preference would be to cook, it was just too much for us to host this year. We are so flexible these days!! Peddlers Village is so pretty with all of the lights on, it puts you into the holiday spirit. We were so appreciative for Brint and Nikki coordinating this holiday.

We were on a really good run and then Brad felt something odd in his lower leg. After getting it scanned, it showed he had a new blood clot. So back to the blood thinners…for life. This is not our first experience with a blood clot, they are serious business but as far a location – this is the place to have one…far from the heart!

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